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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Newest , Greatest Midwife.

I am a little appalled at you guys and your selection of midwives from the poll. It appears that Badger Assisted Birth is on the horizon....yay?? What do we know about these creatures that makes you feel they would be good midwives?

We know that they live in holes. Yoni's are like holes and perhaps in cases where baby gets stuck the badger midwife can crawl up your yoni and retrieve the child?

We know that they can yank things with their sharp teeths! This could be useful for a stubborn placenta.

In the event of a transfer, badger midwives can get mean with the OB and annoy him into giving you your pain killer free C-Section ( like a real NATURAL Womyn!!) 

And last but not least, let's all remember that in Narnia, badgers can talk!

And, just in case Badger Midwifery is stupid you have this


  1. Orcas make excellent midwives for waterbirths.

  2. Footling breach? PPH? Honey badger doesn't give a shit!

  3. That.Was.Wonderful^^^^

  4. I Love YOU^^