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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Home Birth Gone Wild?

Let's face it ladies, Birth has always been sexual. It's the end result of a sexual act. The final orgasm, if you will. We all know that womyn have orgasms during natural labor, but what about men? Nicollette De' Placentra, found this ad while reading Mothering online.

And these you have it folks! Final proof that men get off by a womyn in labor! We all knew it was sexy, but now we have the final nail in the orgasm coffin!


  1. I see a typo, comming soon uc births gone wild....

    Is there a link to this...or just the image? I'd like to see more info.

  2. I look into a link ;) I think it should read Cumming soon :D

  3. Oh my god , I am in this movie!!!! they feature my triple orgasmic birth of Rose bush and Lily of the valley! I think you are going to love it indeed!!!
    Orgasmic mama.

  4. Ahhh, finally a blue film that's all natural! Partner and I can't wait!