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Monday, May 2, 2011

My Professor is Anti-Feminist

As very few of you know, I am a student as well as a million other things. During this last pregnancy, with little Stone Feotus, I was taking a class with this one professor who insisted that I act just like every other student.

It started out that my Professor insisted I come to every class or have my grade docked. But I was pregnant and my feet hurt and I have 6 other kids to take care of as well as the Little Bitch Man, who incidentally, told me my Yoni was made from gold and passed down from the Goddess herself.

Was this something the professor was doing just for me? No! I'll have you know that my professor wants me to act like every other student. Does he not know that I am a birthing Goddess and Internet hero? Does he not know that I am the leader of my husband and children while also studying Taoism and preaching feminism?

How very very dare the Academic Misogynist refuse to see me for who I am. I am a woman who makes it her goal to prove that a woman is equal to a man in every way! Why the hell was I not getting special treatment?

I can't write about this anymore. I am currently sitting in an iron lung I borrowed from a friend to make me feel special and handicapped during my recovery. I'll keep you all informed as to what happens with my Equal Opportunity complaint.


  1. I have an idea that could help. Tell your life partner that if he is to ever see your Golden Lotus Yoni EVER again, he has to follow you to school and hold Stone Foetus out in the hallway until your class is done. Use your Yoni's magical powers!! It's totally feminist to do so!!

  2. Ah I agree here! What a wonderful idea! It's like taking him shoping and having him hold my purse!! Thanks mother X :D