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Thursday, June 2, 2011


EDITED TO ADD: Taking a  screen cap also means the pic in question belongs to you as you were simply taking a pic of what was on your screen. I recomend that everyone use a screen cap for they editing funs!

AS it turns out the Gina Brooder does know I exist! I am so happy, friends. In this post she made to me she does get something right. I was using her picture without permission.

Gina thinks she knows an awful lot about the law. I know a lot about the law too. The law states that screen capping of an image has been found to be fair use  and the picture in question belongs to ME!  The NOT fucking Hyphenated Husband over here, also known as Papa TAO had a grand old time making this little gem.

This is a screen cap that is covered by the Fair Use policy
And I, the great Mama Tao invite YOU to do the SAME! Well , not the same. Do your own thing. I think this needs a contest! Whoever makes the most LOVELY Gina pictue wins! What do you win? Um...How about anything off the internet (legal and includes shipping ) that you fucking want?!(Under $20) What a fun game ! Yay!!!
Just make sure you alter at least 10% of the image and a screen cap to qualify)
Let's Play, Bitch :D

(Shhhhh, an IP address only gives you the name of my server, not me. It's Charter BTW. If you'd have asked I'd have told you. If Frank Zappa's greedy family can't find me, I doubt you can. But guess what? I'll give you my address. Not sure why it will be handy but I'll do it :))


  1. What a whiner she is!

    she doesn't realize we only go to her site for comedic value.

  2. Or you can take a screen cap of her picture.... That would make her more pissed.

  3. Anon is correct! Making a screen cap is also perfectly legal as we are tlakig a picture of soemthng online. Perfectly legal. If you need to get a copy of her pic for the contest I suges you make it out of a screen cap.

  4. Anon was me, Florence. I forgot to sign,sorry.


    This is better than Christmas. ILU Mama Tao!

  6. Hi Florence! Thanks Anon Two! I love you too :D *Squeee**

  7. How dare you defy the thought police? Gina is going to have you DELETED! DISSENT SHALL NOT BE TOLERATED. Delete delete delete!