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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Scientific Theory of Disease

Our recent twitter spat with ZdoggMD, has got this Mama thinking about the history of vaccines and the claims made by those who support them.
A NCB friend of mine once said “Peer-review isn’t everything!” but I still want to be as scientific as possible so I want you ladies to peer-review my theory for me!
How many of you actually know someone who has had Polio—or tetanus—or even rabies? How many of you know someone who has suffered from ANYthing they vaccinate for? I am 29-years-old and not once have I met someone with Varicella or Mumps. Given this evidence I am pushed to believe that none of the illnesses actually ever existed!
Sure, now we have Chicken Pox vaccines, and we’ve all had that, but perhaps they have run out of ideas for what I now believe are FAKE illnesses, made up to sell shots to stupid sheep parents!
They say that Small Pox is their proof that shots can eradicate certain illness from the Earth but friends I think it is reasonable to believe Small Pox never existed at all.
Perhaps we should remember this when some scientific Ped is trying to push the Hugg-a-bugga shot on your child!
Please leave your peer reviews in the comments!


  1. Why would I expose my kids to harmful poison when someone else will do it to their kids...then protect mine at the same time......
    Oragasmic mama.

  2. Mama Tao, I think it's incredibly courageous and honest of you to open yourself up to peer review like this. I am sure that all the support you get here will validate the soundness of your research!

    ((((((((((Shameless Sycophancy))))))))))))

  3. These diseases are totally inventions of Big Pharma to sell shots. Even if they were real diseases (which all available evidence proves they are definitely NOT), breastmilk would be a far superior preventative method and treatment than their vials of poison.

    People who vaccinate their kids are just horrible people. How dare they make that decision for their child???!!! If my children choose to be vaccinated, they will be. None of them have indicated any desire for shots so far. But I would never ever force a vaccination on a child! That's innoculation rape!

    Now that you've been peer reviewed too, maybe you can knock these doctors off their high horse. You are more educated than them, and now you are also peer reviewed.

  4. Your are right.

    this is my perr review.

    so you are offically published.

  5. I lived on a farm for 13 years and regularly got tetanus infections (if that's what they';re called, I'm too self-righteous to go looking for information that might prove my word usage incorrect).

    My doctor tried to force me to get a tetanus vaccine after scraping my hand on a sharp piece of metal on the side of one of the farm buildings, but I refused, and now my hand is gangrenous and about to fall off. I've changed the dressings on it for years and treated it with arnica instead. But I stood up to Big Mean Pharma, so I am right!

  6. Thanks so much ladies! I am not offically Peer-reviewed and published, therefore correct!

  7. I think the diseases ARE real because I do know people who have had mumps and measles (they discuss it, and deliberately expose their kids to it all, on my anti-vax group). But I don't believe that kids are really at "risk of death" as others seem to. That's ridiculous. Kids who are well-cared for and fed healthy food do just fine. Mine have never been vaccinated and have also not been sick (except the usual minor cold here and there). They've never had any need for antibiotics.

    The truth is that vit D and A deficiencies cause most of the problems, and of course breastfeeding prevents a lot too. Just look up any third-world country: their primary defense against measles is vit A supplementation! They won't tell you that here, though, because we're "lucky" enough to have vaccines....

  8. Whaaat!! I did not know that about vitamins D and A! Where can I learn more of the TRUTH? I just looked it up and only found where it says those are used to TREAT measles - of course Big Pharma doesn't want us to know that - I bet they regularly purge the net of this type of info!!! Hmmph!! One more reason for Big Pharma to hate on vitamins!!

  9. Happy April Fools Day, right?

    Seriously, right?

  10. It's always April 1st here. I feel the answer you seek can be found at the veeeeeeery bottom of this page :D

  11. Phew! You had me there for a sec!