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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why Most of You are NOT Birthing Goddesses

I have a confession—I understand you mainstream Mama’s better than you understand yourselves. You see, I know that you all want to be the super NATURAL Mama that I am. I know you all want to be Birthing Goddesses.
The truth is—you can’t.
I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings here. Sometimes, however, the truth hurts.
The simple fact is that many of you were born in hospitals and that in and of itself has made you inferior to many of us Birthing Goddesses. You see, when you are born in a hospital, you have a much better chance of surviving. When babies survive that might have died in a NATURAL environment, it undermines NATURES way of cleaning out the gene pool.
Let’s be honest Non-Birthing Goddesses and failures at birth—you just weren’t meant to be here. I am not saying that you don’t serve a great purpose as a “worker bee” type person. My point is that you should not feel BAD about not being a Birthing Goddess because you simply were not meant to be born.
I hope that clears up any doubts you all may have had about your various birth failures.
~Mama Tao Peace Out~


  1. I have to agree. although being much older than some of you I was in fact a prototype birth reminder for the one of the ealiest forms of water birth.

    My mother, unassasited, brought me earthside in a puddle on Ealing common after slipping in decent from the No. 73.

    this has profoundly impacted my entire life and personal history. Not to mention my affinity for dolphins.

  2. I wish I could be a birth goddess like you, Mama Tao! I wish I had gone DA (dolphin assisted) for my first birth instead of going ASSISTED with a HB midwife! I feel like such a birthing failure. Even after 7 successful DA births, I often gather my 4 children around me and we all cry together at what a failure I am as a MAMA to them!