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Monday, March 21, 2011

Guest Blogger:A Tweenwearing Story

By Mama Goldenwolf Mooncloud

Recently I had quite a struggle with my oldest child, ten-year-old Quicksilver Bean. We were getting ready to walk to the farmer’s market for some organic herbs. I had just stuffed my twins, Mushroom and Seagull, into my slings on the front – one sling over each shoulder – and I my was ready to put Quicksilver Bean in the wrap on my back. But when I told him it was time, he threw a fit! It was terrible! He tried to tell me that he didn’t want to be worn this time. He absolutely refused to get in! He wanted to walk so he could see more along the way. I tried to remind him that it was important for him to be worn – tweenwearing helps build your bond, and that’s so important. But he was being very obstinate, and I finally had to promise him an extra pillow in the family bed tonight to get him to cooperate.

Well, mamas, I was heartbroken. I just know this is because I let that stupid midwife talk me into transferring to a hospital 8 days after my water broke during Quicksilver Bean’s birth. She just stood by while they birth raped me with an IV full of pitocin and a fetal monitor! My bond with him is still damaged, no matter how much I nurse and wear him. Fortunately, I had an idea. I took him to a craniosacral therapist for several sessions to overcome the trauma he is suffering from his birth. It was wonderful! His head was turned this way and that, and his own Inner Physician took over and restored positive energy flow! His head was pushed down towards his navel repeatedly. He was vocalizing how intense his energy felt the whole time, and when we got home after each session, he would simply lay on the couch and complain of headache – he must have been worn out from all that work. When we left his most recent session, Quicksilver Bean told me that he would be happy to be worn in my wrap and to not take him back for any more sessions. I was so happy, and so thankful for his craniosacral therapist!


  1. Hallowed be my VaginaMarch 21, 2011 at 11:07 AM

    Are you using the Tweencuddle 2.0

    I could really use a review if you are, at 678$ for a large sack with limb holes and wooden ring clasp, I want to find out if the luna chanting over it by Midwife Wolves is as effective as the sales patter makes out.

  2. NakedIfNotWearingMyBabyMarch 21, 2011 at 2:26 PM

    I too would like a review of tween wrap, we don't have much money after paying for the dolphin midwife and importing water from Borneo for the slatwater birth pool, so if it is a cheaper model, say under 400$ so much the better.

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