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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guest Blog: Crescendo's Birth Story

Here is a story to hopefully pull you out of the dumps after Rivers sad failure as a Mother!

As you all know, we welcomed little Crescendo earthside on January 12 of this year.  As you know, I expected him and his twin Caydence to arrive around the time we celebrate Columbus’ rape of the native peoples, but ha! Caydence & Crescendo had other ideas! I am guesstimating I was about 47 weeks +3. 

Finally, I started feeling mild power surges around 3 am on January 9.  Mild enough so that I could still talk, but not empowering enough to orgasm just yet.  It was lovely.  I had Chakra, Tamsin, Freedom, and Alpha create some birthday cards - their little siblings of undetermined gender were about to arrive!!

At around 8 a.m. on the morning of the 10th I awoke to extremely powerful power surges, which made me catch my breath in empowerment.  I immediately instructed my life partner Zebulon to begin building the birthing igloo - the snow birth we had always dreamed of was becoming a reality!   Not to exercise his patriarchy; but just to be considerate, he complied. 

As you know, my birth could not truly be unattended, as Zebulon is a midwife and spiritual healer.  I weep over this dichotomy, but whatever.  Zeb set about lighting candles and burning incense.  The power surges were most empowering on the area of my pelvis I broke in the bicycle accident last year, but I believed in my body so much that this failed to become an issue.  There was lots of vocalizing, on both my part, and Zeb’s.  We roared like lions until Crescendo burst forth in orgasmic joy!! Chakra, Tamsin, Freedom and Alpha sang a welcome song and presented his birthday cards.  See all the pics on my twitter page!

He was so peaceful and began nursing like a champ!! Naturally, we practiced lotus birth and Delayed Warming - that was the purpose of the igloo birth in the first place.!!  But wait!  I had intuitively known that there had been twins in my womb!  Alas and unfortunately, there was only one placenta to look forward to.  I feel that Caydence just feels he needs more time to learn and grow before he or she comes earthside as well! He or she will come when he or she  is ready!!  IT was beautiful!! …*sigh*

~Mother X,

Mom to Chakra (8) Tamsin (6) Freedom(5) Alpha (4) and Baby Crescendo!!  ~As yet not earthside, Baby Caydence.  Loving wife and Adult Nursing Partner to Zebulon since 2000


  1. I cried. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. I hate santimommiesMarch 16, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    You do know your baby could of died right?? Do you care about your baby at all?? This is absolutely selfish and disgusting.

  3. To the hater up there. Don't pull the dead baby card. There are far worse outcomes than a baby who was just not meant to make it. She coul dhave been birth raped, and that really WOULD have been something worth the description "selfish and disgusting", applying to the doctor that is.

  4. I hate...

    Do you know that the OP loves her children more than your could understand? She intuitively knew what was best for her family. She trusted birth, and look at the wonderful outcome! I wish ALL womyn could follow their spiritual centers like this, and experience the bliss a fear-free trusting birth brings!

  5. this blog is making me daughter did die- how can you be so callous??

  6. I'm so sorry you lost your daughter Liz.

    But not enough to change my mind about anything, reflect on any of my opinions or stop promoting HB and UC.

    It's a question of priorities.

    ((((((((nevertheless hugs)))))))))))

  7. Liz, I can't believe your comment slipped by the moderators!! How can this be?? You are ruining our vibe. What if the other mamas who are looking for SUPPORT hear these bad words!! Bad words are contagious!

  8. Liz, do you realize the danger you're putting other womyn in? If they even see the WORD "died" they will immediately feel severe pain. They may go to the hospital for relief and be subject to the Cascade of Interventions! How can you live with yourself knowing babies are forcibly C-sectioned because of you?!