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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meconium: Is There a Reason it Looks Like Pudding?

Many of us understand that nature will provide us with what we need—sometimes it comes from the places we least expect. There are new studies being passed around the NATURAL Mommy world stating that Meconium, that muddy black stool that is passed soon after baby is born contains high levels of vitamins and female birth hormones!
Many people in the last few years have taken to eating the placenta as a means of returning the body to its previous hormone levels. Placenta eating has also been proven to reduce the chance of postpartum depression in some women.
Knowing that, the logical next step is to enjoy nature’s bounty by partaking in the very NATURAL act of consuming the meconium nature has provided you!
Still not convinced? Think about it this way: Animals in nature always eat the waste of their young! Don’t believe me? How many puppy poopies have you seen? NONE! And I’ll also bet you have never seen a dog with a case of PPD, have you?
My midwife recommended this to me after the birth of my DD and at first I didn’t want to try it, but soon I was getting a case of the massive sads and decided to give it a shot. The taste was not too bad as it is a natural product that has never been exposed to the evil toxins of the outside world. I ate one teaspoon per day for the next week and by the end of that week I was my old self again!
So I am happy to tell you that this method of treatment WORKED for me! I am living proof and the only proof all us Mommies need!


  1. I have never thought about this , but I TOTALLY get it!!

  2. Just tell yourself "It's chocolate" - looks the same, right?

  3. Why would I tell myself that something so natural and authentic ....... "looked like" choke-on-lies, an artificial poison that comes churning out of factories that murder harmless animals for their breast milk and rape our world with all that carbon they are stealing from the environment !

    I'd puke if I thought I'd put choke-on-lies in my mouth !!

    I feel very sorry for you if you think choke-on-lies is FOOD !

  4. I enjoy the blog... but eating baby poo (no matter how clean/virgin/unexposed/microbe-free) is pushing the limits even for me. :)

    Glad it worked for you!