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Monday, March 14, 2011

Guest Crafter: FREE Lap Book For Home Schoolers

By: Elderberry Wienham Smythe Jones
"Home Birth"

A fantastic resources, adaptable to suit all age ranges from pre
schoolers to high school !

Take your folders and fold them ready to form the lapbook that will hold
the mini books. For lap book virgins who need help visualizing the
finished result, please see the fabulous examples on (unfortunately)
other more mundane, unimaginative and less family friendly topics here

Mini book one

The Placenta

Envelope book, inside the envelope place a small Ziploc bag with a piece
of the placenta. On the cover of the book the child should write (or
draw) an age appropriate description of what a placenta is. The emphasis
should be on it's primary function as a centerpiece for postpartum
rituals and other ceremonial uses.

Mini book 2

The Bliss !

Zigzag book, as the book pulls out each page should exhibit the maternal
face in its many forms as it shows that there is no bliss without pain !
This is also a cool photography project if you are currently pre Home
Birth Bliss. Get you hands on a (waterproof !!) camera with easy to use
buttons. Toddlers may need you to role play the birth so they can work
out how to use the camera and the trickier aspects of "in focus" close ups.

Mini book 3

The Midwife

Flap book to show the history of the midwife. Full details of how they
face persucution head on having heroinoically returned to the front
line, embattled and bloodied, but committed to continue saving women
from the knife wielding doctors who birth rape ! You could even have a
separate book for notable midwives of the modern age and a timeline of
their martyrdom by arrest.

Mini book 4

Medicine in birth

Small card book with a quick mention that birth is natural, not an
illness, and there are only variations of normal, so no medicine, other
than a few herbs, are ever really needed.

Mini book 5

Waiting for Bliss !

Tabbed book, one for each of the 23-60 pages (depending on which
variation of normal pregnancy is for YOUR baby) should be used to give
an idea of what is happening to the mother in each week of pregnancy.
Since there is SO much information which cannot all be fitted in, it is
best to focus on the more important aspects and create a weekly record
of mommy's feelings, hopes, dreams and fears about an unnecessarian
being forced upon her in the case of an unnecessary transfer for an
imaginary emergency.

Mini book 6

Mommy's BIRTH

Large fold out book, a photo documentation of mommy's birth, one mini
book for each day of labour. If it goes on for more than 7 days you
might want to think about 2\3 days per mini book as a space saving
exercise. For additional spelling practice leave room on each page,
under the photo, to write hard to spell vocabulary like "crowning" and

I hope this gives you a place to start with homeschooling home birth as
a family ( =

Ms. Elderberry Smythe Jones owns a NATURAL craft store in Bubaton Mississippi!


  1. This is cool and all, but I'm popping up a big old batch of free-trade, cruelty free organic popcorn and wait until the-uber-unschooler takes a look at this! I'm sure she's got a lot to say about craft coercion!

  2. Yes, Mother X--I fear her wrath as well!

  3. Why do you assume i am anti education ? See this is the ignorance that makes ms so angry. Have you EVER bothered to lean something about uber unschooling ? did you go read about it ? Educate yourself ?

    NO ! you just leaped to conclusions and snap judgments, reading tone and meaning into my posts where there is NONE !!

    I have no problem with this project on the understanding that no child is COERCED into doing it.

    Education is fine by me as long as there is no suggesting it, hinting about doing it, waving it about to see if it catches their attention, talking about it, or even thinking about it in their presence in case your non verbal communication influences them and pressures them covertly.

    If they want to do this project they will instinctively know that it exists, seek it out and then ask you to help them do it.

    TRUST your child to know there are answers to the questions they haven't thought of yet, TRUST your child to know what they need to learn, when they need to learn it, how they need to learn it, if they need to learn it.

    TRUST your child to know what had been, what is, what is to come and to use their intellect and instinct combined to ferret out the perfect combination of knowledge and skills required to create a future that is a perfect fit with who they are !

    But oh no, Mamatao and Mother X you just had to put me in a box and try to re-brand me as an anti educationalist and call me STUPID just so you can attempt to curtail my educational CHOICES and FREEDOMS !

    I feel very, very super sorry for you.

    It must be hard to be so intimidated by other's success and freethinkerness to the extent that you are SCARED of them making different choices, cos it makes you look bad in comparison.

    That is just the price I pay for being the pioneer of uber unschooling. It's a bit like being Joan of Arc. But harder.