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Friday, March 18, 2011

Ask Mama Tao

Dear Mother Tao
I read this on one of the most busy, respected and authoritative natural
parent sites, our "bible in progress" if you will..
"I wondered if there were spirits by my side, like angels or guides.
Sure enough, just like my son's birth, they were there, I sensed this
deeply, and I made sure by asking a question. "Am I progressing?" "Yes"
came the firm, loud reply in my energy field. I felt guided and
supported. On top of that, my hips started swaying in a motion that
wasn't done consciously by my mind. When I was kneeling over my bed, my
hips started moving in a figure 8 or infinity pattern, much like belly
dancing. When I realized this, my trust in the process deepened
immensely. I knew this was my body's way of helping the baby along and
my body was responding intuitively to it with no help on "my" part. The
words "dolphin energy" popped in my head and I felt the presence of
dolphins for a moment, raising my vibrational energy, basically helping
me feel joyful and at one with the process."
DOLPHIN ENERGY!?!! I though to myself, oh wow how cool is that, but it
crossed my mind that as a vegan i should not be stealing energy from
another living being.
What do you think ?
and can you be quick cos i am pregnant and need to get my birth plan
down in good time so I can tell the baby my wishes so s\he can do it right.

Sounds like you have really done your research, Altriogurl!
You are right about the dolphin energy going strong especially during labor. Believe it or not, Human Labor is one of dolphin’s favorite things! They loved sending their energy out to you
Have you thought about a dolphin assisted birth? It's very much like a UC but you got out into the middle of open water to deliver instead of staying home.
You place yourself out in the middle of the ocean and wait for the Dolphins, (or whatever else is out there and can smell blood) to show up.
I assure you there is nothing sweeter than bleeding in open water with a sharp toothed, carnivorous, intelligent mammal while simultaneously personifying it down to a meak and gentle creature that “smiles” all the time.
Good luck with you energy, and TRUST BIRTH!


  1. OK ! One birth plan SOLD !! LOLOLOLOLOL !!

    I'm just so revved up right now, that is EXACTLY what i wanted to here !

    We live in a land locked area so I'm going to read up on yurts so we can can camp on the shore when the time is right.

    This baby is comin natrual or not coming at all !! Oh yeah, my way or the highway Big Pharma !!!

    should I let the sea life eat the placenta as an offering or is that like damaging to their eco system ?

  2. Oh I had a yurt birth !!

    It was just so lovely that my babe spent his first days alone with me in a home constructed by me, for him. Zero interference ( =

    I'm not so convinced about birthing with dolphins myself, not real ones. The energy sounds like a wonderful idea though. But I'm not sure it is something you can plan on, you know. More like if you have an affinity for that creature, then the energy will seek you out when it knows you need it. You might find that the energy you instinctively call on a sub conscious level is for an altogether different creature, so it is important to be open to that. You won't get YOUR perfect birth experience if you are focused on trying to create an artificial, pre chosen check list of things you want, if you see what i mean.

    Stick to the important basics like being unassisted, who you want there, where you want to be, then allow your body to do what it was made to do, trust your babe he has thousands of years of accumulated human wisdom helping him find his way, and don't set too much store in the types of energy you will find flowing around you. You do have to be rational about it and not set your self up for disappointment with unrealistic expectations.

    Peace and I just know you'll have the most wonderful birth, there is nothing else like it ( :