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Thursday, March 31, 2011

All Natural Vitamins

By Soleil Moon

We all know we should be getting a wide array of vitamins and minerals daily. What can you do to make sure you don’t buy supplements from Big Pharma?? Acquire them in their purest forms yourself, like a good earth mother! Eating seafood and drinking water from India gives you a great boost of arsenic. Did you know arsenic does... wonders for your hair and nails, like calcium, but without having to drink animal fluids.  Eating lots of tuna boosts your Omega-3’s (which make us super smart). People claim tuna contains “high levels of mercury”, but there is no evidence that mercury even exists. This is a lie fed to you by the government to keep you from fishing for your own food. They don’t want us to be self-sustained. Make sure to grow your own garden. Use all natural fertilizers for this. I encourage you to have your family potty into a bucket and save all your menstrual blood then poor this lovely mixture on your garden. The vegetables grow quite well and are so delicious. This adds the nutrients that your body removes that are so valuable to your health. Did you know you can grow your own evening primrose for female health?? That’s right, just pluck the blooms off and eat them for an instant hormonal boost. If you save some of your amniotic fluid, you can give small dosages to the baby. It is filled with all those feel good hormones for baby so it’s only fair that it can ingest that while you are taking your placenta pills. If baby gets colic, plant some poppies. Poppies are a natural source of opiates, which have a calming effect. The government only forbids natural drugs because they cannot make money off of them! Feeding opiates to your baby was a sure fire way of calming an infant during the pioneer days. Gosh, those mama’s sure were strong and smart!! I hope to live in a way that would make my pioneer ancestors proud!!


  1. Great Blog post Soleil!!!! I also grow my own plants for supplements. it is awesome!!!
    Orgasmic mama

  2. I liked your post, but I must disagree with one very important point. Mercury absolutely DOES exist. It's put in every single big Pharma vax and makes people autistic, obese, ill, homophobic, and/or dead. It's really bad bad bad stuff. It is just one of the many reasons why you MUST say NO to VAX if you love your children.

  3. I agree highly on you feeding of opiates to children. BAck in teh old days there was a porduct called "Mother's Little Helper " Tha tmade kids sleep for days! Too bad we can't find that all natural product now!

  4. Take natural vitamins to maintain your health. Having proper nutrition is always important. Thanks for sharing.