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Friday, March 18, 2011

Ask Mama Tao-Male Breastfeeding

Dear Mama Tao,
How can I encourage my husband to breastfeed?
You bring up a very important topic, Asker! I can tell that you must be new to the NATURAL Mama thing or you would already know the answer. How do we force anyone to do the NATURAL? We do it with guilt and misinformation!
Here are a few things you might threaten persuade your husband with:
Don't you love me?
Don't you love our child?
How can you bond with a baby if you don't nurse it?
Only 1% of men cannot medically breastfeed.
Babies can die of SIDs if not breastfed by BOTH parents!
Those are only a few ways to get your Hubs in on the family feeding! Perhaps the commenters can list some more!


  1. If it isn't natural for men to breastfeed, then why do they have nipples? Obviously men's bodies were designed to nourish babies. The consequences of men not breastfeeding are huge, and include global warming.

  2. We know that using the guilt card works, look how well the numbers have gone up since we started badgering women and telling them that essentially they were crap mothers (FACT) for not doing it and feeding their poor innocent formula or bovine juice instead! Why mess around with something that works, use the same strategy to improve the levels of male breastfeeding until they approach acceptable levels around the 98% mark.

    Nature is full of the male animal doing some breastfeeding, so it makes sense and is logical that the act is equally natural and desirable in humans.

    Some of us have four or five under 8 years old. Trying to do extended breastfeeding with a brood of that size would really be much easier if an extra set of nipples were available. There are some days when I literally don't have ten minutes to do anything without two small mouths on my boobs and three more clamoring on the sidelines.

  3. Fathers can induce breastfeeding using the same system I used when I started to breastfeed our adopted daughter. Although she was 2.5, we knew that mama's milk was best, so we used this supplemental nursing system from medela

    We're in the process of adopting our 8 year old foster son and have started the process all over again for as soon as the court rules in our favor! Luckily, my husband is the best guy in the world, so since I'm still BFing our daughter (2 years later! BF Goddess!!), he's volunteered to try. We go to court soon, so wish us luck!

  4. Solstice Pecquer-GheddMarch 18, 2011 at 6:29 PM

    OMG, the only thing that could make that picture hotter would be a 3-year old nursing along side its newborn sibling. Hubba hubba!

  5. Don't laugh I know a few rare men who did develop a little milk in their breasts when falling in love with their newborns. If they want to give a little snackie, I have no objection, but no one should ever be guilted into anything, that includes mommies.