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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Poll #2 Results

There must be something strange going on here.  The poll results are in and I have to admit that I am baffled at the results of this last poll. It seems that a large portion of my readers actually went to an OBGYN with their first birth???

There are several reasons this scientific data could come out this way.
1) Many of us did not have Internet with our first births, therefor we were uneducated on the subject of birth.
2) And the more likely possibility is that Mama Tao has been infiltrated by hacks who come here merely to mess up my polls!

I see you out there, stopping by and thinking to yourselves "Oh, Mama Tao just wants others to agree with her skewed views of birth!" I know you are there and I am giving you the digital finger!

As for the REAL results of the poll, six of my readers went with a medwife and were assuredly birth raped. Eight of you went with a home birth midwife and were more than likely birth raped.

Perhaps the best news is that a whole dozen of us had the good Internet education needed to have a unassisted labor!! This is very exciting news and further proves my point that childbirth belongs in the hands of Mothers and Fathers!
Thanks for playing along!!


  1. Just goes to show you can't trust scientific studies.

    those results are bad despite a really rigorous procedure being set up.

    Let's ignore the wrong results and just stick to the results we know are right.

  2. Mama Tao, you are of course just and true in highlighting your innate superiority in all things birthing. As a sufferer of Birth-Experience-Rape (it has taken me many painful and tearful years to be able to name that evil), I can only stand in envious awe of your spotless record of birthing. My next spawn will, without question, be UCed (I know the TRUTH now!), and I can only hope that increasing the spectacular nature of subsequent experiences will make up for some of the points I lost with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (see "Ask Mama Tao: Birthing Pod-Cast for more details and to offer your own suggestions).

  3. I fear infiltration from ZdoggMD's facebook fan club !!!