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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Forget What You Heard: Ebola Can Be Cured By Happy Thoughts!

Those of you who are regular readers might remember that my daughter, Dartboard Mush was recently diagnosed by my Chiropractor with Ebola. My Chiropractor wanted to call in the real doctor. The CDC wanted to put a mile radius of Razor wire around my compound and the Army kept threatening to shoot!
Last night, my husband, Jhkeels and I chanted under that beautiful Goddess filled, dolphin powered. Giant ass moon!. We sang and danced and made love in the grass in front of the children and this morning she was better! The Army trucks are pulling away as I type!
This only proves that the power of positive thinking is the ONLY way to cure illness. I know that this method would work with other diseases such as Rabies and SARS! Just try it out for yourself. If it does not work it’s because you are not being positive enough so think happy!


  1. OK which of you mentally unbalanced folks here is the uber whackjob from The Daily Guggie Daly ?

    I refuse to believe there are so many of you out there that there is no overlapping between sites.

  2. Hallowed be my VaginaMarch 20, 2011 at 10:01 AM

    Do you mean this blog ?

    How very dare you call her a whackjob !

    She is one of our mentors,a source of great inspiration and we should be so lucky that she came here to speak to us directly rather than through visions and prophets !!

  3. We love Guggie here! She and Emma Kwaznonckcnonsna are our heros!! How DARE you!

  4. I tried this method when Shadrach had "rabies," Meshach had "scurvey," and Abednego had "squamus." All at the same time, but that was just coincidence. And it worked! It really did!


  5. ... Dartboard Mush?

  6. You read this whole post and THAT is your only question?

  7. Here at our remote desert research facility, our staph has been pursuing similar lines of inquiry, testing various gradients of happy thoughts vs. severities of maladies. For example, the thought "I am one with the All Spark" halted genital warts in its tracks (with very little residual scarring), while "Thank Mother Gaea there's no nut shells in my granola" had very little effect on stage 3 melanoma.

  8. Patho Phizz! We would LOVE to peer review your reasearch! Please (self) publish your findings and we'll rave over them!!