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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ask Mama Tao

I got this question in my inbox and wanted to answer it as it is an important topic.

Dear Mama Tao,
I am trying to spred the word about home births! They are so much more relaxing and it's so much easier then a darn hospital. In a hospital you have to be strabbed down with big masceans and stuff! Why can't giving birth be natural like it was intedded? I'm sick of all these things having to be going on for a simple birth. What's the best way to go about it?

Thanks for asking. The best way to spread to word about homebirth is to do exactly what you are doing! Go to forums and leave misspelled messages that are cryptic and take a Masters in psychology to decipher!

You see, I feel that the problem has always been that people don’t know about homebirth and unless we talk about it this will never change. Perhaps we should make today International Homebirth Awareness Day! Each and every one of you make a vow to crash one website and spread the joy of homebirth!


  1. I accept the challenge!! Yes!! All of these things do NOT HAVE to be going on for a simple birth! International Homebirth Awareness Day must be EVERY day! IHAD! IHAD!

  2. IHAD ! Placenta to the dissesnters !!!

  3. Oh, hahahahahahaha. I love it! i just stopped in after Dr. Amy's. And I sure needed a laugh. :)