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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome! Why I started this Blog!

Welcome readers to The Mama Tao! I created this site in order to clear up some myths about NATURAL parenting and childbirth. Sometimes people see us as ignorant folk who abhor science and the scientific method—and they’re right! Science is something created by man in an attempt to chase the all mighty dollar!
Here at the Mama Tao, we believe that babies know how to be born and bodies know how to heal themselves! If they didn’t, wouldn’t thousands upon thousands of people have died over the years?  Would our hospitals not be filled to the brim with the sick and dying? I fear that would be the case IF nature had not provided us with the NATURAL tools to take care of our bodies and us!
Please join us on this journey as we delve into the world of NATURAL healing and NATURAL living! Welcome!!

1 comment:

  1. "babies know how to be born "

    Of course they do ! If you take the fact that children instinctively know what, when, how, if they need to learn something in order to create the path they desire in this life, it is only logical that this truth is valid from the very start, thus babies know how, when, if to be born.

    Any interference with a child's learning process, including that which occurs during pregnancy and birth, is highly COERCIVE and leads to tremendous, irreversible damage on their psyches.

    I have conducted extensive observational studies into the issues and the anecdotal evidence based conclusions prove beyond all doubt that 100% of the unschooled children who fail to achieve any form of educational attainment (such as achieving high levels on complex adult video games) were the product of COERCIVE birth thus eliminating the child's autonomy from choosing the form and timing of their entry into the world. A trauma that they never recover from.

    This will come as a surprise to nobody since unschooling cannot fail to work in its own right.