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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Deeper Look At Dairy Birth

A new birthing trend is sweeping the natural birthing world, called dairy or simply "milk" birth.

Milk birth has existed for hundreds even thousands of years. The Babylonians and Assyrians were known to have practiced this form of birth, as recently the Adivasi tribes of India have revived the practice back, and spread to the west after inga may gherkin visited the remote village of Tikka Masala, north of Delhi, where this practice is wide spread. In her book " journeys of birth "she documented what she witnessed in the little village " when i visited the bustling village of tikka masala, I didn't know what to expect, i have read research on midwifery and birth about the practices in this village, in the last 400 years, no birth death has existed and children were able to read and write prose by the tender age of 18 months, i discovered their secret, it was 'Dairy birth" or as the the villagers called it "dood paidaish"."

Dairy birth is like water birth, but instead of giving birth in a tub or pool of water, you give birth in a tub of milk. Dairy birth varies from tribe to tribe and country to country, in Inga May Gherkins book " Journeys of Birth`' pointed out that the village of Tikka Masala had varied forms of dairy birth or "dodo paidaish" some tribes birthed in raw cow’s milk whilst others birthed in goats milk, some believed that raw fresh milk, that was milked in the morning of the due date of the birth, is optimum and some believe in fermenting the milk for a few days and letting it turn into a kefir.

In Northern California where this practice is gaining popularity amongst midwives and doulas, who recommend the practice to the majority of their clients. " It’s almost magical" said Jennifer Klein, who had a dairy birth 2 years ago. " I was skeptical at first, but what they claim about it is true, my son is 2 and already in AP maths, enjoys reading Shakespeare and building circuits in his spare time."

Recent scientific research into the phenomenon of dairy birth has backed this practice saying " It’s the best head start for babies who are looking to excel"

The enzymes, sugar, minerals and vitamins naturally occurring in dairy products, help make the birth for the mother more relaxing enjoyable and reduces stress.
the milk is absorbed via the pores into the body and into the baby, giving him the nutrients and energy he needs to get out of the womb as fast as possible, the first dunk after the child is ejected out, increases the IQ by 78% and encourages a 6% IQ increase yearly, stated Dr. Jones of the San Francisco birth research facility. Dr. Jones also suggested that adding certain herbs and spices can make the experience more fulfilling, adding coffee or chocolate to the milk can fill it with healthful antioxidants, adding kefir balls can help the child become taller and maintain a normal BMI when he's older, also kefir is easily absorbed by the placenta making it increase in size and nutrient yield, adding cardamom to the mix increases the chances of the child becoming a good dancer by 67% and prevents diseases like whooping cough and wed betting, Adding curry increases the chances of the child to becoming more cultured and bilingual and adding nuts helps with the protein absorption, and last but not least adding honey gives a 98% protection against STDS for when the child is sexually active.
The milk is safe and sterile for use, can be boiled and reused for later birth or for consumption.

"In the 600000 dairy births annually, not 1 baby has died, in comparison to the 3-4, dying daily in hospitals in the US" doula Violet Green assured me.

What about those of us who are lactose intolerant?

" Well, we provide dairy alternatives such as soy, coconut or almond milk, of course they cost more since we have to specifically ship them from japan and where they area fortified with nutrients and minerals, and come in 3 flavors, banana strawberry and pomegranate" said Jemima boil head of the rose petals birthing center in north county. " However the benefits might not be as equivalent to dairy birth since it is from a different source" she added.

Research by : Mama Flower Eagle CPM, LC,DOULA (DONA),CBE


  1. I just can't support this. COWS DIE to give you milk.

    You are birthing your baby in the pool of bovine DEATH !!!

    What kind of birth vibes is that to be trying to go goddess in ?

  2. Perhaps we could use only human breastmilk Organic?

  3. Seriously ? You put CPM after your (wierd) name, so a qualified midwife is promoting this shit?

    If you think it is OK to drink the milk after a mother has given birth in it you need to redo your training because maybe you were absent the day they covered basic fucking hygiene.

  4. Mama flower eagleMarch 20, 2011 at 8:03 AM

    Hey there Mama Flower Eagle(CPM, LC,DOULA (DONA),CBE) here!

    it is totally safe to consume birth milk as long as you boil it for 10 minutes prior, and store it by freezing, actually the milk contains enzymes and nutrients, that help brain function and growth, also increases breast milk yield, it would be asinine & wasteful not to re-use the milk.

  5. Anon CPMs are NOT medically trained midwives, they are "lay" midwives and typically seeped in woo.

    Which is why you hear this sort of stuff from them all the time.

    Steer clear and look for a CNM, that is a REAL midwife, one with an education and medical knowledge.

  6. How exactly is boiling NOT medical knowledge?

  7. How can anybody claim medical knowledge without knowing that not all pathogens are heat resistant ?

    You dangerous idiot.

  8. sorry the above should read...

    .....without knowing that SOME pathogens are heat resistant ?

    You dangerous idiot.

  9. There has been studies in the Holland about this. It just not talked about much. Turns out the the best cow to get the milk from is the plain Holstein cow. (City folk will know it as the black and white cow).
    There is still much work to be done, but it also seems that the milk that is milked by hand is better for Mom's experience than milk that is milked by machine. Also, milk that is produced early in a cow's milking cycle is better than milk produced in the late stages of the cycle.
    Hopefully more research will be done on this exciting new experience for Mom. But sadly, the goverment wants to spend money on cancer research and once again overlook the importance of birth in a woman's life.

  10. lot of midwives have been trying to stay low on this practice, since it requires some sort of government licensing & milk from only certain breeds of cows and goats that must be FDA approved (another way big pharma and the medical establishment trying to violate out birth choices and rights), anyway there are only 3 midwives in the state of California who have been trained and licensed abroad to perform and monitor a dairy birth, the average charge is $3800 + $780 for the milk ( add $120 for raw unpasteurized milk ,goats milk is $560 non dairy milk goes for $900) & spices $80 per 4 ounces ( $110 if its organic and fair trade & and honey goes for $40 per oz) a spice medley is $195, so on the whole the experience would be on average $4500 ( $1000 cheaper if you provide the spices and milk), the money would be well spent, since the benefits are life long, my friends. son just turned 4 and he's already reading twilight and harry potter & loves learning and debating politics ( seriously how many 4 year olds can read at that level?).


    CPM,Doula(DONA certified),LC,LM.