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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Guest Blog: The Perfect Food!!

Today’s guest blog comes from eight time Mama, and very good friend to Mama Tao, Soleil Moon  who is going to share some more NATURAL tips with us!

During my pregnancy, I felt like a glowing goddess. Here I was, like billions of our ancestral mothers, growing with life essence becoming curvier and more womanly as the weeks progressed. It was the best time of my life.
When I gave birth to my 12lbs 6oz Sunshine, I was taken aback that my glorious body was now the texture of tofu. Of course, while pregnant, I learned all I could about breastfeeding and decided that I would nurse my child.
One of the key things I learned was that breast milk prevented obesity. This led me to wonder "if it prevents obesity for my child, what can it do for me?". This is human milk, not bovine fluid. So, after my baby would nurse, I would pump as much milk as I could and would drink it.
Another good thing about breast milk is that it is low in calories. I could have this perfect low calorie drink. I began pregnancy at 123 lbs. and after delivery was 153 lbs. By the time Sunshine was 7 months old, I was down to 116. Sunshine loves taking sips from my glass of milk and I am happy that we are sharing nature’s perfect food! The key to postpartum weight loss-- Breast milk.
Thanks for sharing Soleil!
Soleil Moon is a Earth Friendly book shop owner in down town San Francisco, where she and her partner raise their 8 children to love NATURE and its bounty!

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  1. There is nothing like seeing co-operative living in practice !

    I adore the way she was just so ready to share with you and you with her, truly gentle discipline. beautiful.