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Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Won!!

Our friend at NOT WORTH MENTIONING has awarded us the title of New Blog of The Day! I have looked it over and apparently it's some sort of humor site! I am so excited that he chose to have a serious and important blog as his pick! It just goes  to show that everyone has a heart! <3

Lets show him some Blogger love and traffic today :D


  1. Yeah for us !!!

    Serious beats out the funny competition !!

  2. Not Worth Mentioning is an awesome site! One of my favorites! Congrats on the award! WooHoo!

  3. Ok, somebody PLEASE tell me a Mama Tao contributor wrote this.. it's floating around facebook and wow.. tigers, 8 nipples, and any bad bacteria (even GBS?) can be cured by vaginal birth and breastfeeding!

  4. @ Copyboy...*Blushes and says "tee hee"

    @Nina--That beautiful work of art does not beling to any of my writers! If you happen to find the name of that talent, please send her my way!I have a job for her!

  5. I *wish* I wrote it - but I think it was actually Charlie Sheen

  6. Ah mother X. I can see Mr. Sheen in that, very much, yes :D