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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Calling All Writers

If you have read this blog and think for one moment that I just let anyone write an guest blog you are correct. Mama Tao has kids and a life too so she wants to call you in for NATURAL Mama duty! Send me your birth stories, articles and thoughts. Craft ideas, recipes and more!

Please send submissions to


  1. Saw your comment on another website. This comment to be exact:

    Thanks so much for this. I found that after my C-section with my first child, I don’t actually love him at all–I’ve told everyone that since my birth was bad I have never had much like for him.
    My other children were born at home under perfect zodiacs and I love them so much! Birth Situation has everything to do with love
    Please come read my blog at

    and I don't understand you at all. You had a C-section so you don't love that baby... at all? Wow. Yeah I just had to comment on that because it's just so mind-boggling to me. I feel sorry for your first child.

  2. Well I don't understand you at all anonomous, I don't understand how you cannot understand what is eminently understandable, in not the norm..

    MOST babies born by c-sec are not loved\bonded to mama as much as their vaginally born sibs. FACT

    MOST mamas who have a c-sec know they were birth raped FACT

    ALL the women who pretend to be cool with an extraction are lying to THEMSELVES cos they can't face the truth so they defend the indefensible.

    Don't blame Mama Tao because you are still blind and listening to the powers that be who are influenced by Big Pharma. Be a sheeple if you want, we are going to shout loud about the trauma of births outside their necessary natural setting and fight for our freedom to birth where we want, how we want, when we want and with any outcome mother nature deems right.

  3. How are you going to support these "facts" claimed by you? Do tell please, I would love to read up about this topic. And really, ALL women are lying to themselves? Stop generalizing.

  4. Anonymous--you've been great fun--perhaps the answers you seek are at the very bottom of this blog...look at the copywrite and see what that tells you ;)

  5. I will do no such thing sir! I will continue to troll, uh I mean, learn thank you. Do not take away my fun. :{|

  6. Anon, then yonder links will not aid, you to come out of the darkness of the cave, your ignorance is not of bliss, you are in fact just taking the piss ( ;

  7. For YOUR information, I'm taking a dump.