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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who We Are--The Wonderful Staff of Mama Tao--Part II

Ulrike Woodandfelt
Ulrike Woodandfelt is a very talented ND, CPM, Holistic Minister who lived in Stockholm, Germany with her genatilly intact husband and her three virgin daughters. She love the study of Ultrasound and its dangeroud effects on the brains of babies and Mothers.

Goldenwolf Mooncloud
Goldenwolf Mooncloud, age 30, is the mother to seven: Quicksilver Bean (10), Jupiter Odin (9), Jane (7), Stormy Rainbow (6), Resplendent Quetzal (4), and twins Mushroom and Seagull (2). She and her life partner Mustang hope for an eighth baby soon! Her favorite parts of motherhood are baby/toddler/tweenwearing and super-extended nursing. Goldenwolf also loves being a healer – she is trained as a homeopath, an aromatherapist, a yoni massage therapist, a knitting therapist and a tarot reader. She hopes to soon learn about mud therapy and drum therapy from Mustang’s dear mother, Oaktree, an expert in both healing modalities.

Mother X
Lactivism Lizzie

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