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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Good Birth attendant Tips

      What happens when the only things bright and vibrant about your birthing Mama are her hair, makeup and birth accessories?  What happens when her skin is ashen gray and she's no longer responsive?  Quite often what is happening is that Mama is experience a Postpartum Hemorrhage (abbreviated as PPH
     You often her medwives and OBs blabbering on about Active management of the third stage of labor (Abbreviated AMTSL) but any good holistic midwife knows that the need for traction and uterotonic drugs is a load of fearmongering and hogwash.
     All you need is to cut off a chunk of the placenta if it has expelled or if not cinnamon hard candies work in a pinch.  Make sure that you're using real cinnamon candies not some artificial sugar free GMO HFCS garbage.
Happy Clotting ladies



  1. omg. Please, someone tell me that comment about cinnamon candy and aromatherapy is a JOKE? please?

  2. Damn, I knew that's where the doctors were going wrong, when there was blood pouring out of me, and they couldn't stop it, and had to take me to GASP... Surgery, after all the medications and interventions the docs tried failed to work. Maybe if I'd insisted on eating my placenta and having someone blow cinnamon candy breath in my face, I woulnd't have needed 2.5 hours of emergency surgery and plasma transfusions and a 3 day stay in hospital afterwards... I will make sure I take cinnamon candy to my next birth!!